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days 7-9 of the jucy van Road trip

finding the wizard of OZ

Dreams do come true. ( day 7 )

Since I was just a little girl, Dolphins have won my heart. I could once claim them as my favourite, and although they still rank very high among the list, I have got to know some pretty amazing species since then to title only one as favourite. But for today, Dolphins reclaimed their moment in the top spot.
Today we got the privilege to swim with two bottle nose dolphins as well as a New Zealand fur seal. Of course this was a privilege in exchange for a fee, and a moderately sized salt water pool replaced the vast blue ocean; but that aside, we were able to have an intimate encounter with these adored creatures. Suited up in our wet suits, we slowly made our way into the frigid waters of the pool. We were welcomed by a senior female estimated to be about 24 years old. She was a beauty. The trainer gave us a very informative briefing about the bottle nose dolphins, signalling her to swim in front of us all exposing the areas of discussion. When he was explaining her fins she would swim along her side allowing us time to inspect her with our hands. We got to feel her from tongue to tail fin. Then, the best part of it all, we got to interact with her! We played catch, balanced the ball on her nose ( she was very good at this, like spinning a basketball on your finger) we got to feed her fish, watch her perform some of her favourite jumps and tricks, and got some memorable photo opps holding her in our arms and getting that adorable kiss on the cheek. Her daughter, only 4, also came to play and demonstrate for us, but they had to be weary with her around; mom liked all the spotlight and would chase her little girl away if she was getting to much attention.
With another trainer bringing the two beauties to the other end of the pool to play, they brought out the seal. She was just as brilliant, if not even more so. Her fur was unexpectedly soft, and we got some wet seal kisses on the nose. What an extraordinary experience! And at only 200 AUD, it’s definitely something in reach for most. My favourite part about the park is the fact that all the animals, apart from their recent offspring, are animals rescued and rehibilated on sight, but because of their certain injuries, were unable to return to the wild. So Pet Porpoise Pool only keeps those animals in captivity who depend on it for their very survival. Unlike many aquariums that actually catch perfectly fit wild animals for their exhibits. All in all, if ever in Coffs Harbour, make sure you visit the Pet Porpoise Pool and if it’s too costly to do the swim, you still get free dolphin and seal kisses when you just check out the show. And don’t forget to sign the petitions and drop a coin in the donation box on your way out; there’s many more magnificent animals out there that still need our help!
With all of that excitement over, it was time to hit the road again. We have another long drive ahead of us, but yet another exciting destination; surfers paradise. Surfer’s paradise is in the heart of the gold coast that kisses the Coral Sea. Beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch for what seems like an infinite distance; a very alive area and probably one of the top 3 vacation destinations in Australia. We arrived at our campsite just before sunset, 5:30 this time of year, and were still able to appreciate our lovely beach front camp site. We didn’t hang around long, for driving through the busy downtown area amped up our energy, so we decided to have dinner out. We drove to the heart of the area which was very much alive and had plenty to offer. After walking around for only just a bit, our hungry stomachs persuaded us to stop at an Irish pub for a meal. Dinner was ok, not exceptional, but that usually happens when you choose a place on a rumbling tummy, and since I can’t drink due to an annoying stomach ulcer, we didn’t hang around long. Like bugs around an outside light, we continued to follow the bright lights, and stopped where they were most bright. Infinity was a tourist attraction among the busy mall of restaurants and shops. A futuristic maze that leads you through rooms of infinite lights, mirrors, and illusions. It takes about 30 minutes to walk through, that is if you stop in each room for a few minutes each. I dragged along Rob who was very un enthused about it all, but within 5 minutes, I think he was having more fun than me. They give you white gloves and shoe socks to put on because in a couple rooms, your hands and feet are the only thing you can see. You rely on feeling your way through the maze of illusion for every way you look looks like a way out. One room had a floor made from a jumping pillow. This can be quite dangerous as Rob observed; he was having so much fun jumping around he jumped face first into the wall! Another great room was one where they have inflatable balls of all sizes where you get to bounce them into others, or take a roll. A fun little attraction indeed. But all the excitement of the morning definitely had our eyes as heavy as sand bags. Off to camp we went and enjoyed popping open the sunroof and sleeping under the stars.

Day 8

Instead of rushing to the beach to catch the sun rise, we were fortunate to be ocean side this morning so we woke up at our usual time of 6ish and popped open the hatch to watch the sunrise in bed. It was wonderful! Out of all the beautiful sights we’ve seen and exhilarating attractions we’ve done, this by far will be one of the top memories of the trip. It was just perfect lying in bed with a cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the sea, from the back of our van.
When breakfast was finished, it was off to Dream World. In surfers paradise there are 3 different big theme parks to choose from, and with closing times of just 5pm, we only have time for one. SeaWorld, Movie Magic and dream world were our choices. After carefully reading up on each, we decided dream World was the best go. Hopefully we made the right choice.
Dream world has rides, a water park, and a wildlife exhibition. It’s too chilly for the water park bit, but adrenalin and wildlife sound like my kind of cocktail; and a potent cocktail it was! Although there weren’t many rides in the park, the few they had were decent. Ok, there were at least 3 that were more than decent, they were hide your face, make this stop, good. The big drop launches you straight up 120m and lets you free fall back down to the ground in 3.7 seconds. Don’t forget to wait for your stomach at the bottom! Then there’s the Tower of terror which rocket launches you up the same tower as the big drop then sends you flying backwards down the same track. This one gets you right in the begging and I found it to be the biggest adrenalin kick in the park. My third favourite was the motor cross coaster where you ride onto of motor cross bikes and it again launches you at lightning speed through the track. Although it’s a short track, it’s the launch that gives you the kick, and how cool is it to be on a motorcycle coaster?
The wildlife experience was pretty good as well. They had a superb tiger show with three giant Bengal tigers showing off some of their behaviours such as jumping, climbing and standing on their hind legs. They even took one of the beauties for a walk around the park where we got to get up close and give them a pat. The exhibit even offered a rare site in Australian wildlife, two red kangaroos mating. Ahh, the sound of confused children and embarrassed parents always makes me smile.
With it being mid winter the park was really quite so there were virtually no lines. We repeated all the good attractions and called it a day. Went back to the campsite and enjoyed some yummy dinner beside the sea.

Day 9

All this going is starting to get exhausting. I need a vacation from my vacation! But not today. This morning we’re heading to the Australia Zoo, home of the crocodile hunter. Steve Irwin is not only pretty much Australians national Icon, but he’s a huge inspiration. If you know more about what he’s achieved and what he was about, it’s hard not to admire him. And who can deny he was always a good laugh. But there was a serious side to Steve, he was a conservationist, and basically gave his life for his cause. If he could make people watch him, like his shows, like the wildlife on his shows, they would appreciate it all just a little bit more, and be just a little bit more educated, and that’s a huge step in conservation; education and appreciation. It was a privilege to be able to go to the zoo where it all started. This zoo was once just a reptile park owned by Irwin’s parents until eventually Steve and his well known wife Terri took over and turned it into the famous Australia Zoo. It’s also a rehabilitation area, and the finest zoo I’ve been to yet. It’s the best not because of its variety of animals, for infact it focuses mainly on Australian wildlife, but for its treatment of the animals. The enclosures are enormous! The elephants have 5 acres to roam, the tigers had several areas to explore and even the wombats had an enormous enclosure. Usually you leave a zoo feeling guilty about how miserable the animals must be cooped up for our enjoyment. Here, you leave feeling relieved there’s finally a zoo that got it right. For example, during one of their shows in the crocosium, they release different types of birds that fly back and forth through the stadium, even outside and around as there is no ceiling or netting keeping them in. If they wanted to, they could easily fly away to freedom, but they don’t. At the end of the demonstration they return to the keepers and back into their enclosures. This shows you how happy they must be, if they were unhappy at all, they wouldn’t think twice about flying off, birds are incredibly smart.
So the zoo was amazing and very interactive; we got to pet kangaroo (although we do this often) got to pet a koala (so soft and adorable!!) hand feed Asian elephants, watch some very informative very entertaining shows, AND we got to see the Irwin family. Bindi was doing a photo shoot with the red panda and by her side was mum and little brother Bobby. I was star struck I must admit. I was right in line with all the other 8 year olds trying to get a glimpse of Bindi. (Like I said, I idolise this family) This Zoo is an absolute must when in Australia, and they are expanding it even more. They were telling us about the cheetah enclosure that will actually be long enough for the cheetah to reach max speed AND slow down! A very big smile on my face arose when I heard that, for cheetahs can claim the number one spot on my favourite list.

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days 5 and 6

The Juscy Van Roadtrip across Australia

Strawberry fields forever. ( day 5)
There’s just no better way to jump start your day then with a soak in an artesian thermal spa. We have only bathed twice in the mineral pools and I can already feel the difference in my skin. I think I’m now a fan and will jump at the next chance to visit another. As for now, we are leaving Moree this morning and leaving behind the serene rolling hills and small farming towns that max out there population at only a few hundred. I’m glad we decided to drive inland and see a bit of the country side. I would never have pictures Australia to look this way. The landscape was a mix between England’s hilly green pastures and mid western America’s vast plains; true cowboy land. Now we’re setting east, back to the coast and heading to our next destination, Coffs Harbour.
Along the way we discovered this brilliant roadside strawberry shop. I believe it was called Strawberries and cream. Mouths watering as we drove past, we only got a few meters away and turned right around. Who can resist a fresh strawberry shake? The strawberries were absolutely gorgeous, far better than any grocery will have. A rich dark chocolate fudge dipping sauce and a strawberry shake to share completed our order. What a lovely stop. The shop also sells homemade Jams (unfortunately we already picked some up from another local farmer) fresh olives, lavender, all kinds of dipping and topping sauce, there’s a cafe, and a gift shop with some really cute home decor (lots and lots of cow decor) A must stop shop if ever along this route. The strawberries went great with our lunch along waterfall highway. We pulled off on Hillgrove road heading to Blakes Falls hoping for a nice view to have our picnic. We got more than we bargained for! There was superb viewing of the falls and the mountain side.
The drive in total took about 9 hrs from Moree to Coffs harbour. Most of it was again, breathtaking countryside, but towards the coast we had to pass over the Chaeulundi Mountains, which made for dramatically winding roads up and down the mountain sides. Also, the climate has now changed to sub tropical, meaning the forests that spread over this mountain range is a sub tropical rainforest. What an instant change in scenery, and although I’m going to miss the cattle pastures and small backwards towns, I welcome the sight of palm trees and sandy beaches with open arms.
For the next two days we’re staying at the lorikeet caravan park. When we pulled in, I was a bit surprised to see an en suite at our campsite. Rob cheated! Lol. But there are no complaints here. Our own shower and bathroom is an earned comfort after living out of a van for nearly a week. We still have to sleep in the van though, well, unless Rob misbehaves, then he sleeps in the toilet.
The Big Banana. (day 6)
We were up at half 6 this morning in hopes we would catch the sun rise on the beach. It’s still chilly here in the morning so jumping out of a nice warm bed wasn’t easy. But we knew we didn’t have much time being the beach is a few minutes’ walk. Luckily we made it just in time. We noticed a pile of coral at our feet and felt it was as if we found a treasure; picking each one up and examining it. To our surprise the beach was full of coral washed up from the tide. It was wonderful. We had a lovely walk down the beach, combing for more keepsakes the entire way. I now have a nice little assortment to take home with me. For once we weren’t rushing to go anywhere and could take our time with breakfast and getting ready. I made some yummy egg and cheese sandwiches! (I get excited when I get to cook because Rob does most of it) after a few cups of coffee and tea we decided to head into town to see and decide then what to do. The sun was poking its head out and feeling nice and warm. We wanted to check out this pet porpoise pool we kept hearing about so that was our first stop. We had just missed the show so we enquired about swimming with the dolphins instead. 200 bucks gets you in the pool for 45 minutes with the dolphins where you get to touch them swim beside them, play ball with them, AND get hugs and kisses! I’m beyond excited!! It’s been a life’s dream of mine to swim with the dolphins... Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it then so we booked in for tomorrow.
So we decided to spend the day at the beach. We were told to check out Mutton Bird Island, so that’s where we headed off to. As we were walking up the big hill they call an island, we saw a humpback whale swimming alongside the shore. No binoculars necessary, it was that close. We sat for a bit watching it swim along, then decided we better try and find a spot to lie out and get some colour on our pasty skin. It was like goldy locks and the three bears trying to do so. The first beach was too windy, the second beach was full of rocks, and the third beach’s sand was too hard. We eventually settled on the grassy hill by Emerald Beach where we both took a snooze under the warm sun.
Feeling a bit heavy after a lunch of fish and chips, we headed back to camp for some tennis. At least tennis is what we attempted. It was a good laugh anyhow, and chasing the balls around constantly gave a good cardio workout. A magpie tried to steal my bracelets I set by my water bottle. I had to chase it away with my rackets. We also had a few cheerleaders along the sidelines. A few kangaroos were just outside the court, not bothered at all by all the racket we were making. Then Rob said” I can see the joeys tail!” referring to the baby in the pouch. I ran over to get a look and realized it was a male kangaroo. What Rob was seeing was the kangaroos willy! Hahaha. Very odd shaped if I must say so myself, and their festivals are in front of that section. Bizarre, but we now know the anatomy of the male kangaroo. Nice one.

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Days 3 and 4 of the Jucy Van Road Trip

Finding the Wizzard of Oz

semi-overcast 16 °C

After two days of frosty air and two nights of shivering to sleep, it was a relief to be on the road heading in a northerly direction. The best part of this van deal is packing up is so easy! You just unmake the bed, stow the blankets under the seats, fix the bed back to two benches, and throw the gear that you chucked in the fronts seats back where the bed was, then you’re good to go! No taking down a tent, rolling things up and packing things in. The kitchens stationary in the trunk so that never gets taken out, and that’s pretty much it. Simple living.
The drive today is from the Blue Mountains to Coonabarabran, central New South Wales. We thought it would be a good idea to drive a bit inland, see some of the country before we drive the coastline. Good choice. The country side is breath taking. Rolling green hills, with greener pastures full of cows, sheep, and... Yup, KANGEROOS! Unfortunately there are so many, they end up road kill all too often. We started counting but gave up after only an hour. Before we start talking about kangeroos, I would just like to say, that today was my first time driving on the left side of the road!! I did pretty good as well. The drive took about 9 hours with me driving about 8 of them. Apart from the occasional mistake of hitting the windshield wipers rather than the blinker, I did ok :O) It does take a bit of getting used to though. It’s just awkward having to use your left hand for everything. And speaking of road kill, I nearly hit a wallaby myself... I say nearly but I stopped well before and we got to marvel him as he hoped across the road. We are so excited about seeing Australian Wildlife!
We stopped off for lunch in Wellington, had a picnic in a park by the river. Wellington is a tiny mining town in the middle of nowhere, so tiny it was Saturday afternoon and everything but the grocery store was closed down. There was just one main road with shops and businesses, the kind of town you picture in the western movies. Lucky enough, Rob and I were sporting our cowboy hats and eating our pink ladies (the yummiest apples in the WORLD). I had to laugh at ourselves. We looked like proper cowboys, a little too john wayneish if you ask me. We got to the caravan park in Coonabarabran around 6pm. Supposedly somewhere around there is Australias biggest telescope, but we were to pooped from the long drive, and we were pretty sure it was closed anyways. Another cold night, so we showered and went to bed early. No fresh flowers in the bathrooms :O(
In the morning after coffee and breakfast, we headed up to Mount Kaputar, remnants of an old volcano, also, from the top you can see a 360-degree panoramic view of New South Wales. It was breathtaking! And I mean that literally. We did a few different hiking trails, all had steep inclines over rocks and un even surfaces. Not meant for beginners. It did get our hearts pumping and definitelytook our breath away. The view was amazing... AND... We got to hang out with a family of kangeroo. They were near one picnic area, and didn’t seem bothered by Rob and I, so we sat with them for a good 20 minutes. I'm not certain, but it seemed to be a family. There was definitely a mother with a joey in her pouch, joey who was playing shy and didn’t pop his head out, and another young adult. The one we were uncertain of was an older male. Father? or just another kangeroo close by? I'll have to look up their social habits.
From there we made our way to Moree, our last inland stop. This is a well known area for its thermal spas and the caravan park has a few of their very own. I'm just excited that it’s warmer!! No shivering tonight and I can throw on the flip flops! wooohoo. But the thermals spas are exciting too. The water is full of minerals and is derived straight from the ground at 39 degrees Celsius. I was expecting them to be natural rock pools, but they look just like regular swimming pools. However, you can actually feel the difference. My skin feels great. These places are a big hit with the elderly community for the health benifits, hence everyone here is 55 years or older. A bit awkward! Hopefully we get another soak in the morning before our long drive out to the coast. Next stop, Coffs Harbour.

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The Jucy Van road trip up the East Coast of Australia

The first that almost became the worst.

semi-overcast 4 °C

I have heard of the butterfly affect many a times before, but never have I been able to observe it so closely.
Thursday, June 11th was the day due for departure. Finally we were to leave Sydney behind and get a proper prospective of Australia. We were to wake up at crack of dawn, gather up our belongings, give a final clean of our rented space, pick up our van and be on our merry little way. That was the proposed plan anyway.
Of course we left packing to the very last minute, but in our defence we have very little gear as it is. The night/ day before was dedicated to packing and organizing. I realized some things couldn’t be done until the very last minute, i.e. the washing of the bedding and the towels we were still using. But, no problem... I’ll just throw them in the second I jump outta bed, giving plenty of time for them to finish while I do the final cleaning and Rob picks up and packs the van. I ask my roommate if we could have the washing machine in the morning to do exactly so. All was set to plan. We went to bed and awoke precisely as said, but one thing, when I went to throw in the washing, there was a cycle running. And this machine forbids you to interrupt it mid cycle. Inconviently, the washing would keep us from being able to just load up and go when Rob got back with the rented van. Instead, he came back, and the washing had only just been switched over to be dried.
The recycling had to be brought down stairs, so I went and did so. Walking up, I noticed a car dangerously close to our van, trying uneventfully to Parallel Park behind us. I kept trying to convince myself that it was fine, they knew what they were doing, and I managed to convince myself there was nothing to worry about, until…. I heard the crunch and saw the van being pushed forward. NOOO way is that happening! I ran to the car to see a confused chinese man looking like a wallaby in headlights. I told him to stay put turn the car off as he was properly lodge between us and the curb and any further movement would have ripped off the bumper or punctured his tire. I rang up to Rob “You’re never going to believe this! Just get your keys and get down here!
After Rob nearly put the man to tears, the man who couldn’t speak a word of English, we finally got the situation sorted. It was a nightmare that lasted nearly two hours, but eventually insurance information was exchanged and paperwork was completed. They took 1990 bucks from Rob’s credit card to hold until Jucy gets the money from the insurance company. Not the kind of morning we had expected.
All that set aside, we were on our way. I did have a bit of good news to share with Rob, however. We had, well... damaged the keyboard that was left in the room we were renting. I had lit a tea candle and placed it by the bed, on the only sturdy surface nearby, which happened to be the back of the key board. Well, let’s just say the candle wanted a permanent spot there, and melted its self a centimetre or two deep. Of course, we have this apartment for 3 months and don’t ruin anything, leave it to the last few days and we destroy probably the most expensive thing in the room! Anyways, Rob and I were fretting explaining the situation to the landlord, but after explaining our morning first, he stressed to me not to stress it. He wanted a new one anyway. PHEW! That would have been a hefty bill to pick up. Lesson learned.
Now we’re on our way! woohoo! Us, our purple and green juicy van, and our cowboy hats. Ok... so the hats... We made a rule, that the ENTIRE trip we wear these Australian cowboy hats we had picked up at the market. They are our driving hats, and they are to be worn at all times when on the road, no exceptions! I’m looking forward to it.
First stop was the Blue Mountains. We were staying in Katoomba, pretty much the centre of it all. It’s about a two hour drive from Sydney, but an entirely different world! Blue Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and well worth the visit. While trying to find our campsite, we stumbled upon Echo Point at sunset. Wow, talk about perfect timing! The lighting was phenomenal. As for the butterfly affect I was mentioning before, this was the end consequence. If the washing machine was left free, the washing would have been ready and we would have left before chang woo decided to stuff himself behind us like pork in a Chinese dumpling, and we would have got to the Blue Mountains too early and would have missed the gorgeous sunset. So in the end, it all worked out ok.
That night we stayed at Katoomba Falls Caravan Park. A very clean park with great extra clean facilities! They scored extra points with me for having fresh flowers in the bathrooms, and with Rob for playing 80’s music in the bathrooms. Pretty much, we enjoyed going to the toilet. AND, they have a pet Cockatiel, Agro. He was brilliant! Only said hello, but would do a dance and shake his tail feathers for ya. There was also a cut out in the cage where he would get infront of and turn so you could pet him. Ohh, I miss him already!
The Mountains were FREEZING, so we wore extra layers of clothing at night. We stayed in the Blue Mountains for 2 nights. Taking a full day to hike to the 3 sisters and all around Scenic World. Scenic world is just a tourist attraction in the blue mountains with lots of trails to walk, the worlds steepest railway ( which we did of course) a skywalk ( which is just a cable car with a small portion of glass floor that takes you about 300m over the valley. Don’t waste your money on that one. Get the same view from the original cable car, just look down!) They offer different ticket options. We opted for the train down cable car up combo. However, we ended up walking up the mountain instead. Ahh the Great steps. 900 steps up the side of the 3 sisters. OUCH. We ended up walking back down just to get our money’s worth taking the cable ride back up. A nice cup of soup and some hot pasta ended the night, in bed by 8, huddling for warmth and looking forward to moving onwards tomorrow.

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Finding the Wizzard of OZ

Working in Australia

"you've come along way to be selling tickets doll" says a smiling man, as we exchanged a 20 dollar note for a stadium parking ticket.

Come along way, I have.

This is the reality of a working holiday.

You work bizzare jobs at random places. Sometimes you love it, other days you think... what the hell am I doing? But overall, it gives you the chance to really get intimate with wherever you are, and also your experiancing this new world not as a tourist, but as one of them.

Currently, I am living and working in Sydney. Yes Sydney, ( I can see little thought bubbles from the reader relating sydney to Finding Nemo. "P.SHERMAN. 42 WOLLABY WAY, SYDNEY.) if that thought bubble belongs to you, your right. :O) Sydney... Australias largest and most cosmopolitan city, home of that notoriousely odd building, the Opera House, and the beautiful, but shark infested harbour. The city where you can bask on white sandy beaches, take in its rich history and culture, or spend all your money gambeling on anything with a score.
Never have I seen a place where gambeling is so widely accepted. ?

As for me, I have spent most of my time here looking for work. My plan was to start here in Sydney, work as much as possible, and feed my bank account for further traveling. I have had great friends whom let me stay in their spare room for no cost at all. A HUGE advantage for me!! ( hostels are far to expensive long termbut soon, my partner will be joining me :D and we will move into an apartment I have organized. Thats when my money will begin depleting.... BOO.

The jobs I have found have been so random yet enjoyable. I have worked at the cricket ground and the Rugby football field doing everything from selling car park tickets to showing patrons to their seats. While sometimes the work just plain sucks, theres other times I work for an hour or so, then get to watch the game. Being American, I have not a clue about sports such as cricket, Rugby, Horse racing, even footie. But I have come to learn all about these newly loved games, all for the sake of a paycheck.

During intermisssion, fireworks shoot off above the stadium, and as I watch I think, its good to be me.

Sydney Turf club is another place I have been finding work. I'll never forget my first horse race. I was going in for an interview and after we had finished, Sel ( the one I live with who also works there) took me on a tour of the place. One of the places she took me was up in the judges box, obviousley the best view of the track. Never seeing a Horse race before, seeing one from this view was pretty cool in my books. Now I work in the members resteraunt, with yet another faboulous view of the races. Here I play a cocktail waitress, getting drinks for the foolish wealthy whom of which I get to wittness wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars, as thier wifes sit across from them too focused on what the other wifes are wearing to even care.

Lastly, theres my newest job. A teeth whitening technician. It's a small kiosk in the mall where I perform 15 minute or half hour teeth whitening procedures. This job I find most Ironic because all of my best friends from home are in, or were once in the dental industry. In highschool, I was the odd one out of the group because while they were all studying dental, I was studying fashion and making dresses. Well girls, I finally crossed over. lol.

So there you have it. This is my working holiday. May seem like all work but no play, but one must walk before they can run! Hopefully my bank account will fatten enough for June. This is when we're planning to hop over to Fiji, then fly back to Brisbane where we pick up our campervan. Then... its the sunshine coast for a good two weeks or so up to the Great Barrier Reef, where we'll find another apartment, and I'll find more work. After my bank accounts fed and fat again, to the next destination!!!... which is not planned. lol

So thats me for now! :O) Australias been great so far, and feels like home already.

Bye bye. :O)

and p.s i dont live at P.SHERMAN. 42 WOLLABY WAY, SYDNEY !!!!

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