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Finding the Wizzard of OZ

Working in Australia

"you've come along way to be selling tickets doll" says a smiling man, as we exchanged a 20 dollar note for a stadium parking ticket.

Come along way, I have.

This is the reality of a working holiday.

You work bizzare jobs at random places. Sometimes you love it, other days you think... what the hell am I doing? But overall, it gives you the chance to really get intimate with wherever you are, and also your experiancing this new world not as a tourist, but as one of them.

Currently, I am living and working in Sydney. Yes Sydney, ( I can see little thought bubbles from the reader relating sydney to Finding Nemo. "P.SHERMAN. 42 WOLLABY WAY, SYDNEY.) if that thought bubble belongs to you, your right. :O) Sydney... Australias largest and most cosmopolitan city, home of that notoriousely odd building, the Opera House, and the beautiful, but shark infested harbour. The city where you can bask on white sandy beaches, take in its rich history and culture, or spend all your money gambeling on anything with a score.
Never have I seen a place where gambeling is so widely accepted. ?

As for me, I have spent most of my time here looking for work. My plan was to start here in Sydney, work as much as possible, and feed my bank account for further traveling. I have had great friends whom let me stay in their spare room for no cost at all. A HUGE advantage for me!! ( hostels are far to expensive long termbut soon, my partner will be joining me :D and we will move into an apartment I have organized. Thats when my money will begin depleting.... BOO.

The jobs I have found have been so random yet enjoyable. I have worked at the cricket ground and the Rugby football field doing everything from selling car park tickets to showing patrons to their seats. While sometimes the work just plain sucks, theres other times I work for an hour or so, then get to watch the game. Being American, I have not a clue about sports such as cricket, Rugby, Horse racing, even footie. But I have come to learn all about these newly loved games, all for the sake of a paycheck.

During intermisssion, fireworks shoot off above the stadium, and as I watch I think, its good to be me.

Sydney Turf club is another place I have been finding work. I'll never forget my first horse race. I was going in for an interview and after we had finished, Sel ( the one I live with who also works there) took me on a tour of the place. One of the places she took me was up in the judges box, obviousley the best view of the track. Never seeing a Horse race before, seeing one from this view was pretty cool in my books. Now I work in the members resteraunt, with yet another faboulous view of the races. Here I play a cocktail waitress, getting drinks for the foolish wealthy whom of which I get to wittness wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars, as thier wifes sit across from them too focused on what the other wifes are wearing to even care.

Lastly, theres my newest job. A teeth whitening technician. It's a small kiosk in the mall where I perform 15 minute or half hour teeth whitening procedures. This job I find most Ironic because all of my best friends from home are in, or were once in the dental industry. In highschool, I was the odd one out of the group because while they were all studying dental, I was studying fashion and making dresses. Well girls, I finally crossed over. lol.

So there you have it. This is my working holiday. May seem like all work but no play, but one must walk before they can run! Hopefully my bank account will fatten enough for June. This is when we're planning to hop over to Fiji, then fly back to Brisbane where we pick up our campervan. Then... its the sunshine coast for a good two weeks or so up to the Great Barrier Reef, where we'll find another apartment, and I'll find more work. After my bank accounts fed and fat again, to the next destination!!!... which is not planned. lol

So thats me for now! :O) Australias been great so far, and feels like home already.

Bye bye. :O)

and p.s i dont live at P.SHERMAN. 42 WOLLABY WAY, SYDNEY !!!!

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